Best Loco Moco on Maui?

Search for the best loco moco on Maui? My cousin lives on Maui and took me to a local Hawaiian spot which is known for their loco mocos. It was probably the best loco moco I’ve had. I say this knowing that food preference is a very personal thing. So, for me, the steak and fried rice loco moco at 808 Grindz Cafe is the best one I’ve had so far.

Picture of the best loco moco on Maui at 808 Grindz Cafe in Kihei
Every spot that offers this local dish uses their own loco moco recipe. This plate differed in that it featured steak as the protein versus the traditional hamburger patty. But really, it’s all about the loco moco sauce. What I liked about the 808 Grindz Cafe sauce is that it is fairly light. Other Hawaiian loco moco gravy recipes I’ve had are super heavy and really like a thick gravy you’d eat with mashed potatoes. However it’s served, whether on spam, Portuguese sausage or on burger patties, most people are all about the loco moco gravy.

Best Loco Moco Plate on Maui?

Besides the light gravy, I liked that the steak was cooked perfectly.  More often than not, steak is over-cooked; not at 808 Grindz Cafe.  It was definitely perfectly medium with great texture and flavor.  It was such a big portion I didn’t think I could finish and was happy with the thought of having leftovers for lunch.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I pretty much demolished it.  I couldn’t stop eating it.  It was definitely da kine.  If you’re looking for an authentic Kihei restaurant, check this place out.  This local spot was one of the best places to eat in Kihei, from my point of view.  The funny thing is, is that an L&L’s is a couple doors down.  But, the locals know what’s up.

The location I visited was at the Pi’ilani Safeway Plaza in Kihei (there are other locations in Lahaina and in Kona on the Big Island).  Here are the details of the Kihei location:

Address: 225 Piikea Ave, Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: (808) 868-2429
Hours: 7am – 2pm (Err Day)

Other Spots Making Dakine Loco Moco on Maui

I’m sure some would disagree with my choice, but from checking out Yelp reviews, there are definitely many that would agree with me.  Of course, other places to get this local dish are: Da Kitchen Cafe, Kihei Caffe, Sunrise Cafe, Local Foods, Aloha Mixed Plate and many others.  Which place has the best loco moco on Maui?  Let us know what you think and check out mo’ Da Kine!

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